Justin Lo asks Gary Cao to hit him...with some fried rice

The Asia Fight King and his buddy have remained good friends despite their infamous street brawl last year. Gary Cao invited Justin Lo right away when he needed a guest for his TV special in Hong Kong. The two competed on their cooking skills, or the lack of it, with their signature dishes.

Gary Cao made a salty fish fried rice, while Justin Lo made pasta. Gary Cao presented his dish by saying “Although it looks ugly, it actually tastes very good!” When he tasted Justin Lo’s pasta, Justin jokingly said “Hit me!” Gary Cao responded back with a laugh, “I don’t want to 'hit you'!”

Gary Cao criticized Justin Lo’s dish for not having enough flavor, while his own salty fish fried rice was criticized for being too salty. They both insisted their own dish was better and ended the "battle" by singing the song “Ordinary Friends”.

And it seems like only yesterday when they duked it out on the streets…

Source: Libertytimes, UDN, allendiago's Channel

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