Judy Chou screams in pain from riding bike

The dancing king of Million Star, Season 1’s second place winner Judy Chou will be taking over the hosting duty for the new season of “單車樂活周報” (lit. Biking Weekly) on Videoland. Ever since he returned to Taipei to continue his studies, he has not been biking. Since the show requires him to ride a bike, Judy meets with a high-end bicycle accompanied by a super hard seat, causing him to scream in pain. In order to protect “little Judy,” he only dared to sit on half of the seat, which in the end, made his butt hurt more. Judy explained, “I wanted to protect my “important” area, but who knew that the more expensive the bike is, the harder its seat is. I can only protect the front but not the back. My butt hurt so badly the next day!”

It will be Judy’s first time hosting an exploration show, let alone having to do some extensive biking while he’s at it. Fellow Million Star contestants Peter Pan and Stanly Hsu, as well as Tank came to the press conference to show support for Judy. They gave Judy an underwear, helmet, and some pain relief patches as presents. Tank reminded Judy to protect “little Judy” well and must be careful not to ride so much that he would end up with a “solo.”

Source: NOWnews

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