Jolin Tsai wants to be her own boss

Appledaily reported today that the songstress is rumored to have already started her own company earlier this year. Her current contract with Warner Music will expire after the release of her new album this summer. Jolin Tsai has gone through quite a few record companies over the years, but she has stayed with her management company Mars Entertainment Ltd. It was reported that she collaborated with her boss from Mars Ltd to open her own company in the beginning of this year. Mars Entertainment denied the news saying, “There are no such plans at this point, the rumor is incorrect.”

Jolin Tsai joined Mars Entertainment back in 2002 after her contract dispute ended. She released the hit album Magic on the following year under Sony, and reportedly received 120 million (NTD) when she signed on with Capitol. Jay Chou’s JVR Music was rumored to be interested in signing her, but both parties have since denied the rumor.

More tops stars are going independent by starting their own companies

A-Mei Chang, 2005, Mei Entertainment Ltd
She reportedly paid her ex-boyfriend 50 million (NTD) to buy back her contract after they broke up. Her current manager is Chen Zhen-Chuan.

Jerry Yan, 2006, Dramadream Entertainment Co., Ltd (collaborated with JVR briefly in 2009)
He is currently the company’s only artist; they don’t rule out on signing newcomers.

Jay Chou, 2007, JVR
Collaborating with Yang Jun-Rong, who made him famous at Alfa Music.

Source: AppledailyTW

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