Jolin Tsai gets offered 100 million to renew her contract

(Just a quick note for the readers of this interesting but questionable article; the person that’s doing most of the talking is Sam Chen. He is the CEO at Warner Music TW and famous for being in the news as frequently as his stars. Mr. Chen could well be the supplier of all these “insider news”… )

Jolin Tsai’s contract with Warner Music is expected to be up after the release of her new album in July. Following their well-publicized “bowling-date”, her ex Jay Chou is rumored to be interested in signing her. Warner Music was quick to react and reportedly offered 100 million (NTD) to re-sign the songstress.

With her status firmly established as the top (selling) female singer, Jolin has been signing shorter "1 year/1 album" contracts in recent years. After last year’s Butterfly, she merely extended her contract with Warner for one more album. Warner Music will be releasing her new album in July, and they are reportedly trying to renew her contract before Jay Chou steps in.

President Chou was rumored to be interested in signing Jolin back in 2007 when he started his own label JVR Music. She eventually signed with Warner, but it was obvious that their relationship has improved after they went bowling with friends in January. JVR also has experience in dealing with superstars like Jerry Yan previously, which is another concern for Warner. They are worried that their chances of re-signing Jolin might be ruined by Jay Chou despite being confident previously.

After hearing about the news, Warner Music TW’s CEO Sam Chen stated, “We will complete the Warner contract process with Jolin before the end of March.” The company strongly defended their claim on Jolin and even reminded her the importance of showing her gratitude. Jay Chou previously criticized Sam Chen for buying the music charts, and even warned Jolin when she signed on with Chen. Apparently, Sam Chen is trying to get back at his "mortal enemy" by offering Jolin a 100 million-contract and full fledge album promotions in July.

Sam Chen revealed, “This album contains a lot of international collaborations, and cost over 50 million (NTD) to make.” He also claimed that Jolin won’t be doing any “stunts” like ribbon dancing or performing on the pommel horse, because “they are out-of-date. These are already old things to us.” Contrary to Warner’s confidence about the renewal, Jolin’s manager has a more conservative approach, “Warner offered us many good conditions. We are considering.” As for JVR Music, they are keeping a low-profile, “There has been no contact.”

JVR also responded to the news of Jay Chou's interest in signing Jolin, “Jolin is an outstanding artist, but we are not aware of her contract situation, so we’re not in the position to comment.” In addition to her music career, Jolin is also focusing on her side businesses like the clothing line “Seventy Two Changes” and her nail salon. She recently took a vacation in Thailand and visited the night market. Locals recognized her from the ribbon dance she did during “Dancing Diva” on the MTV Asia Awards in Thailand several years ago.

Sam Chen with Jolin Tsai

"The Date"

Jolin in Thailand

Source: Appledaily TW

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