Jolin Tsai and Edison Chen stride down the catwalk for Levi’s

The two stars previously went down the catwalk for Levi’s Jeans in 2007. They were back again yesterday to model the brand’s Spring/Summer collection. Jolin Tsai and Edison Chen were expected to be on stage together. In the end, their appearances were so perfectly timed that the two were never in the place at the same time.

The show began with Jolin Tsai as the opening model, and Edison Chen appeared as the final act. They were also interviewed at different times as Jolin had hers before the show, and Edison Chen spoke with the media after the show. In her interview, Jolin commented, “(I’m) happy to see him back.”

The show ended with its models returning to the catwalk, but noticeably without its two stars. It would have been the first time Jolin Tsai and Edison Chen share the stage after his infamous scandal, but the they were kept apart to avoid any awkwardness. Jolin explained, “We are doing the separate themes and closing act.”

Jolin was asked if she worried that his scandal would become the focus of the event, she said, “I think for myself it hasn’t been that bad.” However, when asked if she has seen Edison Chen, she responded, “Every time when there are activities for Levi’s, (I) have to work from the morning till night, taking photos and the catwalk, so there's probably no chance of seeing him.”

As for recent news about Jay Chou's interest in signing her, she responded , “As long as it is a good record company, (I) won’t intentionally go to any particular one.” However, she denied that she will be collaborating with Jay Chou, and even said they haven't been staying in touch. According to a source, she had already re-signed with her current record company last year.

Edison Chen became the spokesperson for Levi’s in Taiwan again after his scandal. He revealed his plans to release a new album in April in addition to filming three movies. He said the album will be about “the thoughts of Edison Chen over the past several years.” He also added that he admires Jolin Tsai’s singing and dancing, and hopes to film a musical with her. However he said she won’t be the lead actress on his new album, “because the album is not about love and relationship, it only has confessions.”

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes

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