Jiro Wang treats mom to overseas trip, still makes time to train his pecs

Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang made the most of his filial heart by taking her mom along for a carefree trip to Japan several days ago, but Jiro still didn't relax when it came to his vacation, as he brought along an exercise bar to flex his pecs.

With the untimely death of his father, Jiro worked hard to secure his family's livelihood, which also meant that he had no time to take his mother to travel overseas for pleasure. After the rise to massive fame the past several years with Fahrenheit's hard work, Jiro amassed a considerable amount of wealth that allowed him to treat his mother to a mother-son vacation trip to Japan. The trip was also only the second time overseas for Jiro's mother, as she has ventured only once before to Hong Kong to see her son's concert in Hong Kong.

When the pair arrived to Japan, they came face-to-face with blistery cold weather. Seeing the snow in front of his eyes as he stepped outside, Jiro refused to put on his gloves and proceeded to have some fun with hands in the snow as he cried out in amazement. The weather Jiro aimlessly lingered in was the kind that he was most comfortable in, as he laughed and said, "I finally understand why Japanese people love hanging around in the snow." Even Jiro's mother was incredibly pleased, telling his son, "You don't have to join me afterwards. I'll take care of paying for my own next time, and my friends and I will come here to have fun."

With Jiro traveling overseas, he didn't forget to pack an exercise bar. It doesn't matter if he's in Japan for vacation or Beijing for promotions, packing an exercise bar lets Jiro train his pecs. In the end, fellow Fahrenheit bandmate Wu Chun got wind of this, and his other bandmate Calvin Chen got even more scared of falling behind Jiro in his own exercise workout.

Source: UDN

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