Jerry's okay with shaving his head

It has been five years since Jerry Yan has visited Kaohsiung and yesterday, Jerry took the train there for the first time to hold a “Down With Love” fan meeting. With the drama ratings slowly climbing, over a thousand fans showed up at the event, but only 700 lucky fans got to high-five with the cast. In response to the support of the fans and GTV (the TV network), Jerry expressed his thanks when leaving. He almost shed manly tears from being emotional.

After returning to Taiwan from Japan, Jerry admits that he has not seen the movie, “Monga,” but he feels very happy for his good friend, Director Niu Cheng Ze, in obtaining success. Jerry expresses that he is willing to overcome his idol image and shave his head or even use profanity to play a gang member in order to take more challenging roles.

In related news, Jerry’s latest photo album, "9314 Man and Boy," has sold over 90,000 copies in just 4 days. Jerry says sorry to the women that he has hurt in the past, which included his former manager and Godmother of idol dramas, Cai Zhi Ping (producer of Meteor Garden). Although he might have mistaken her for a vampire previously, she was happy to hear that he has truly matured after so many years.

 Jerry Yan shows "V" to celebrate victory for his book sales.

Source: Liberty Times, Appledaily

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