Jerry Yan appears as mysterious fan at S.H.E's album signing

S.H.E held a signing event at Ximending for their latest album “SHERO.” A mysterious man appeared with a hundred copies of their album for signing. It turned out that it was no other but Ella’s co-star from "Down With Love"...the handsome Jerry Yan!  The moment he revealed himself, Ella’s manliness disappeared and she immediately turned into a shy girl leaning against Jerry’s chest and called him, “Honey.” Hebe and Selina also took the opportunity to snatch a hug from Jerry.

Ella and Jerry became good friends during the filming of “Down With Love.” Thus, Jerry promised to buy a hundred copies of S.H.E’s album, and he fulfilled it. Ella didn’t know that Jerry would appear as she was telling the media, “I did invite him, but he’s too busy.” Soon after, Jerry suddenly appeared, and Ella jumped up from her seat in shock.

Within 10 minutes after Jerry revealed himself, the crowd screamed in excitement non-stop. Ella acted sweetly to Jerry while hugging him, and she even introduced her “husband” to Selina and Hebe. Selina, who refused to back down, directly called Jerry, “Xu Xu.” Ella said in joy, “I’m really surprised. I never thought that he would come. I’m very happy to make such a great friend. I’ll be full of energy to sign all the albums in a bit.”

At the event, the fans stood on two sides of the hundred meter long red carpet to welcome the “Queen Goddesses of girl groups.” S.H.E’s latest album “SHERO” promotes female empowerment and Selina expressed, “Everything that we do right now is to make history in the music industry. Every step we take is recorded. The three of us cherishes all this greatly.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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