Jay Chou turns his luck around by changing his look

The stars haven’t been lining right lately for Jay Chou with the slew of bad news about him over the past few months. But not to worry, Jay might be on the verge of turning things around.

Jay Chou recently attended the Sprite Music Chart Awards sporting a beard. When asked about his new look, he answered, “I’ve been having very bad luck recently, (I) need to alter my image to change my luck.” Despite the negative news, he was still able to stay positive. “There has been a lot of strange news lately. It’s quite bad, but the sun will come out again, because being in the news is good news. I tell myself that gossip is a good thing, it means (I’m) famous. However, there are some things that (I) must come out to clear up, and stop people from misunderstanding.”

Jay Chou won 6 awards at the show and performed his hit song “Where Is The Promised Happiness”. Unfortunately his voice wasn’t in its best condition as he was suffering a cold. His fans cheered him on and helped out by singing along. Following the show, Jay Chou returned to Taiwan to promote his drama Pandamen.

Jay Chou with Cindy Yen

Jay Chou’s Wheel of Misfortunes -- a look back at recent events

Jay Chou was caught in not one but two “virgin-gate” scandals. His ex Patty Hou will reportedly marry her current fiancée as a virgin. Rapper Dog G mocked Jay Chou with his new song. More recently, d-list celebrity/singing contestant Devin Wu said she lost her virginity to Jay Chou at 16. Chinatimes retracted their claim that he had admitted to the story. Their excuse: he didn't deny it was true.

Failure of his first TV drama
Jay Chou’s first TV drama Pandamen was criticized by netizens for being retarded, and reached new lows with its ratings in mainland China. SZTV moved the drama out of its prime-time line up after the first day of airing, while the ratings at JSBC dropped below 0.6%. His former rumored-to-be girlfriend Jessie Jiang stars in the drama but has yet to participate in any promotional events. Her company said she is on vacation abroad but she has been recently photographed in Taiwan with other cast members.

Poisonous at the box office
Jay Chou was the one that came up with the idea for the movie Monga. He dropped out due to disagreements with the director and objection from his mother. The film went on to become a big hit, while his Treasure Hunter was poorly reviewed and flopped at the box office.

Selling beer for free
Tsing Tao Beer is a sponsor for his new movie True Legend. The company aired a series of movie-related commercials over the CNY holidays. Despite objection from his record company, they included him in the commercials anyways and kept them on air until the holidays ended.

Ariel Lin and Fahrenheit also attended the Sprite awards:

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