Jay Chou gets an apology for beer commercial

A commercial for Jay Chou’s last movie True Legend caused some controversy when his image was used by one of its sponsors. The star was only making a guest appearance (with a dual role) in the movie, but he was featured in a series of ads for the beer company. Jay Chou was rumored to have turned down alcohol-related endorsements in the past because he is a non-drinker. His company JVR was furious when the commercials ran on TV during the Chinese New Year.

The movie’s distribution company, Serenity Entertainment, previously explained that no “moving-Jay Chou” was used in the promotion.  Instead, the ad ended with an image of Jay Chou from the movie next to a bottle of Tsing Tao. Serenity Entertainment published an apology yesterday, stating that President Chou and Tsing Tao Beer do not have any spokesperson or collaboration arrangement. The ad has been taken off the air and will never be used again. They are currently working on a compensation with JVR, and the money will be donated to charities.

Jay Chou has been suffering a string bad luck as both True Legend and The Treasure Hunter flopped at the box office. He was previously rumored to play Bruce Lee in Ip Man 2, but netizens quickly opposed the idea. Director Wilson Yip was asked about the rumor at the Ip Man 2 press conference, “This proves I'm lucky, it would have been tragic if I said yes.” Donnie Yen did have a word of encourage for President Chou, “When an actor’s movie does poorly (at the box office), it doesn’t mean the next movie will do poorly again, but there needs to be a self-review.”

Source: Chinatimes, AppledailyTW

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