Jay Chou can’t save Pandamen but hopes for better luck with "Drifters"

The Jay Chou directed and starred drama hit a new low last week with an average rating of 0.32%. Despite a busy schedule, Jay will visit several primary schools this Friday to interact with youths as he has promised earlier. Unfortunately there is not much he can do about Pandamen at this point, but he was kind enough to lend his Batmobile to The Drifters for their album promotion.

President Chou’s new toy was handmade and shipped from the US. The prop car cannot be driven on the road as it doesn’t have a license plate. Member Darren of The Drifters only drove it for a short distance, “It’s a lot of pressure, because the car is so expensive, along with such high horsepower, (I) was really worried of hitting it. (I) didn’t dare to step on the gas too much.” Jay Chou lend his incredible car with good intentions, but it also presented an awkward situation for the newcomers -- Reporters at the event were clearly more interested in the Batmobile than The Drifters.

The Drifters embody the temperament of an artist, as Darren’s strength is in design while Chang Qing (常青) has studied in France. In addition to directing their music video, Jay Chou also let them remake his song “Where is Our Promised Happiness” into a rock version. The president assured, “If a newcomer (group) like this doesn’t hit it big, there is really no justice.” Then again, his past protégés like Nan Quan Mama, Gary Yang, and Cindy Yen have all either broken up or simply not popular. In regards to the “Jay Chou-Curse”, Darren responded, “(I) believe it won’t happen this time.”

More on Jay Chou’s new toy:

The Batmobile cost US$150,000 (4.77 million NTD) to build. The car was squashed during shipping so it had to be re-built. The total cost with shipping was over 10 million (NTD).

Time Consumed: Approx. 1 year, including the time it took to rebuild
Features: It is modeled after the Batmobile as seen in Batman. It has no license plate so it cannot be driven on the road.
Engine: 6300c.c.
Car length: 5.5 m, requires 3 parking spots.


Incredibly Clean!

 Please wear a Batsuit next time!

See it in action!

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN

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