Jay Chou brings a song, a MV, and The Drifters

Jay Chou has finally come back to the music scene, after a few failed endeavors, by the creation of a new duo group, The Drifters (浪花兄弟 lit. Ocean Spray Brothers), made up of 2 male members, Darren (邱凱偉) and Chang Qing (楊常青).

The Drifters' new album of the same name will be released under the JVR label on March 16th and will have 11 tracks. The album's first track, "Write to You When I Think of You" (想你就寫信), was produced as a collaboration between Jay and Vincent Fang and is accompanied with a MV directed by Jay and shot in Japan.

Best of luck to them and hopefully this new endeavor of Jay Chou's will be a success. It is in the music industry after all...

Take a closer look at The Drifters HERE.

Pre-order the album HERE

The Drifters Tracklist*:
01. Write to You When I Think of You (想你就寫信)
02. You are My Bandaid (你是我的 OK繃)
03. Rising Sun (太陽升起)
04. Where is the Promised Happiness (說好的幸福呢)
05. The Formerly Small Sun (曾經小太陽)
06. Lovers in Paris (巴黎戀人)
07. Afro Planet (爆炸頭星球)
08. Yield a Bit (讓一讓)
09. Maybe (或許)
10. Pure Love (純愛)
11. Earth's Gravity (地心引力)

Check out the MV:

*Unofficial translations

Sources: Liberty Times, YesAsia, JVR, orangebesr@Youtube

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