Jay Chou brings the 4D experience to his audience

Jay Chou was in Shanghai yesterday to promote Sprite as their spokesperson. The event reportedly cost a whopping 4 million RMB (18.65 million NTD) in total. In addition to the stunning 3D visual effects, snowflakes and foam were pumped into the venue to give the audience a “4D” experience.

Jay Chou’s illuminating jacket and tight pants was mocked by the press for topping the style of Lady Gaga. He laughed and said he would only wear something like that in a concert. He also revealed that his new album in May will include some techno-rock style music. Jay Chou said he liked the 4D technology (used at the event) very much and doesn’t rule out of using it in his upcoming concert.

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes

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