Janine Chang hopes Mike He gets a tan for their new drama

Janine Chang attended an event to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness mask as their spokesperson yesterday. She sang a short verse of Happy Birthday but the harmonies were so loud that her voice couldn’t be heard. She admitted, “Even acting won’t be this intense.”
Janine Chang will collaborate with Mike He in April.

Janine Chang also said she was born with dark-toned skin, so she needs to use everything from whitening concentrate, enzyme, collagen, apples to homemade soups to achieve her fairness. She revealed that people would call her “In-depth Black” after getting a tan from filming in Kenting.

She will next collaborate with Mike He on the drama (roughly translates to) Happiness on the Most Sunny Day in April. She said she admires Mike He’s never-aging face, but she asked him to get a tan because she is worried that his skin is even lighter than hers. There is no need for concern because, as reporters at the event informed her, Mike He’s fairness is achieved by make-up.

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes

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