James Wen's body hair gets edited out in latest movie "Zoom Hunting"

James Wen 溫昇豪, who played a role as the passionate love of Cheryl Yang's character in "My Queen" and the birth father of Ady An's character in "Autumn's Concerto", took on a new lease in life for upcoming Taiwanese indie movie "Zoom Hunting 獵豔" in a powerful and mature male role. In this movie, James is cast alongside Taiwanese actress Heng-yin Chou 周姮吟 as passionate lovers. James also boldly bares it all for this new movie, with award-winning director Cho Li 卓立 requesting post-production editing to remove unsightly body hair for aesthetic reasons. The director also jokingly said about James, "Is this the white tiger?"

The release of "Zoom" marks another Taiwanese production that follows in the heels of the young gangster flick "Monga", as the suspense thriller is expected for an April 16 release date. The plot in "Zoom" revolves around Taiwanese actress Janine Chang 張鈞甯, whom plays the role of an highly curious amateur photographer. Since her character discovered a couple (characters played by James and Heng-yin) having a love affair across the street, Janine's character couldn't help but snap shots of the affair. The movie director highly praised and expressed thanks to the actors playing the passionate lovers for their roles in the bed scene.

The movie director also expressed that James and Heng-yin not only rehearsed with each other for two months, but that they also worked out together to get the right body type for their respective roles. Since James was already fit as a popular male celebrity, he didn't really need to do much and only needed to close 2-3 kilograms. Heng-yin, on the other hand, felt pressured in losing weight, so she lost even more for the shoot with 5 kilograms in order to feel more confident in front of the camera.

Trailer for "Zoom Hunting":

Source: UDN

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