James Wen welcomes all mammals

Zoom Hunting” will be in theatres on April 16, and the cast held a fan meeting at Taichung yesterday. The moment James Wen, Janine Chang and Chu Chih-Ying stepped onto the stage, the crowd screamed in excitement.

The host of the event wickedly asked, “If you didn’t have to worry about any consequences, who is the ideal person that you most want to have an affair with?” The director and the cast decided to have fun with their answers. Director Zhuo Li expressed that as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t matter whether the person is a man or a woman or of what age. Since the Director’s answer had such an broad range, James, not wanting to seem weak, answered, “Then any mammal is okay.” The crowd immediately screamed from surprise.

Seeing that their answers were “not restricted,” Janine said she would choose to have an affair with Chu Chih-Ying. Upon hearing the answer, Chu Chih-Ying, trying to hide her laughter, expressed that she wouldn’t be able to turn down Janine. Later, Chu Chih-Ying and Janine had some fun by saying that despite the fact that James was the only guy on the stage, no one wanted to have an affair with him.

Source: Liberty Times

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