James Wen reunites with his long-lost brother Ah Ken

The cast of Zoom Hunting went on the popular talk show University as guests to promote their new movie. The topic of that day was called “My twin friend”, which happened to be the case for actor James Wen and co-host Ah Ken. Apparently, the two men are known as twins in showbiz.  They proved their point by posing for 5 continuous photos together. On their “striking” resemblance, co-host Na Dou joked, “James Wen is the handsome version! Ah Ken is the comedic version!”

Ah Ken claimed he has been mistaken for James Wen in the past, and he even explained to pedestrians, “That’s not (me)! I am Ah Ken!” He added, “Those pedestrians all say ‘Ah Ken is so much better looking than you (James Wen)!’, alright!” After Ah Ken caused a ruckus in the audience, Na Dou followed up by saying someone has commented that he looks like Ashton Kutcher. Host Matilda Tao (Tao Zi) laughed out loud and accidentally spit on him.

Tao Zi quoted a study that shows men and women who are similar, especially with resembling facial features, are more likely to be attracted to each other. She mocked herself by saying, “I’m certain that my husband married me because he was under a lot of pressure!” Guest Janine Chang said she and her friends look very much alike. Na Dou quickly took the opportunity and said, “Let’s go out together some time! Let's have dinner! My friends all look like me!” Tao Zi responded, “(They) look like you?! Like Ma Guo-Bi?! Big Yam?! Or…”

Tao Zi also asked James Wen about his role in the new movie, “(I) heard there are a lot of bed scenes?” James Wen confirmed there are indeed plenty; they happened in different places, as well as in different positions. He said the scenes were very tiring, because he worried if there was “too little (aggressiveness) then there wouldn't be enough flavor, too much then his female costars might think he was trying to take advantage of them.” Tao Zi made James Wen speechless by saying, “But in fact you did take (advantage of them) anyways!”

Source: Chinatimes, Sina

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