Jam Hsiao wants to buy a SUV for his birthday

Yesterday, Jam Hsiao held a signing event for his photo book, "Mr. Rock," and his fans celebrated his birthday early with a birthday cake because he will be working in Beijing on the day of his actual birthday (30th). His good friend Show Luo gave him a pair of purple-colored Bottega Veneta shoes. Since it’s traditionally believed that shoes mean “to part,” it made Jam a little worried although he loved the present. He immediately told his manager to send a ten-dollar red envelope to Xiao Zhu (Show) to ensure that their friendship doesn’t get affected.

Jam, who is turning 23, revealed that he would like to buy a SUV as a present for himself so that his parents can sit comfortably in his car when they go out. The first car Jam bought was a hundred to two-hundred thousand dollar (NT) used car. His manager laughed, “It’s probably only worth about twenty-thousand right now.” Jam’s ideal SUV car is about one to two-million dollars (NT), which he feels that it is a little too pricy, so he’s considering buying another used car.

Jam, who doesn’t like spending his money carelessly, expressed that his ultimate goal is to buy a house for his parents. To show that he’s a filial son, he recently spent a million dollars to help renovate their old home where he personally participated in the re-designing process. He hopes that it can be clean and comfortable to live in for his parents.

For his birthday, Jam wishes for good health and world peace. As for the third wish, he wants to keep it to himself. Since he has already sold more than ten thousand copies of his photo book, the media suggested that he should consider making another with more revealing photos like taking his shirt off to show off his muscles. But Jam replied, “I have muscles?”

Cheer leading team was there to help give Jam's book signing event a grand opening.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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