Huang Xiao Ming not Moopa-ing with Ady An

Recent rumors surfaced that Ady An and Huang Xiao Ming’s friendship has gone sour due to a change in female leads in his MV. According to insiders news, Ady An originally helped Huang Xiao Ming film his latest MV, Moopa. At the time, Ady was still filming Autumn’s Concerto, but she still scheduled some free time to help film the MV. However, during the filming of the MV, Ady felt that the clothing was too revealing especially baring the waist area, which caused some disagreements. Although they finished filming the MV nonetheless, Huang Xiao Ming’s record company felt that the MV did not turn out the way they had expected, thus, they scrapped the original MV and re-shot it with Cheryl Yang.

After the news came out, rumors say that Ady felt very upset, which also affected her friendship with Huang Xiao Ming. When Ady was at Heng Dian filming the new drama, A Terra-Cotta Warrior, Huang Xiao Ming was also there filming for Tang Bo Hu Dian Qiu Xiang. Despite they were staying at the same hotel, the two did not have any interactions.

Ady, who still has not renewed her contract with her Mainland agency, responded through her good friend Xiao Gang yesterday, “It’s because she has been too busy filming the new drama so they didn’t meet. They still keep in touch with each other. In regards to the MV, it may be due to the record company’s decision.” On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming’s manager replied, “I didn’t hear anything about it.”

Source: Appledaily

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