Huang Xiao Ming caresses Cheryl Yang, Ady An shouts "Hack him to death!"

In mid-March, Huang Xiao Ming will be releasing a new song, "MOOPA暮趴" (暮趴 = Mu Pa). He invited Cheryl Yang to film a hot and sexy dance with much skin contact at Taipei's night club, Primo, together with him. She wore a low cut dress and it was extremely sexy as he and she caressed, embraced, and blew air next to each other's ears. The previously rumored girlfriend of scandal plagued Huang Xiao Ming, Ady An, badmouthed him saying, "If he was really my boyfriend, I would have hacked him to death a long time ago." -- using it as a metaphor for his fickleness.

Huang Xiao Ming's new album, MOOPA's, main track called "MOOPA 暮趴" has a hip-hip and light rock and roll style. In order to capture the mood of the song's name, "Approaching twilight, body lying on stage"*, in the MV, Huang Xiao Ming's luck in romance is not shallow as he is surrounded by sexy chicks on the dance floor with their hands moving up and down while dancing with him.

Extremely intimate MV

In particular, it was Cheryl Yang and his body contact that was extremely intimate. At first, he was a little tense, but the Golden Bell nominated actress, Cheryl Yang, was not embarrassed at all. She guided him to touch her body in the MV, making hearts beat and faces blush.

Looks more like Huang Xiao Ming being aggressive

Huang Xiao Ming has a long list of rumored girlfriends, including his co-star, Ady An, in "The Han Emperor 3." She acts as Zhao Min in the currently broadcasting "New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" and said that there is no way for her to endure Zhang Wu Ji** being tangled with numerous women at a time. And, she even badmouthed Huan Xiao Ming's many scandals; She really can't stand being associated with him.

* Rough translation of 暮色來臨,趴體上演 the longer version of 暮趴
** Zhang Wu Ji is the protagonist of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre who is loved by four women

Roster of China's Player
  • Qin Lan 
    • Before Huang Xiao Ming became extremely popular, he was dating Mainland's female star Qin Lan. After he became popular, they gradually split up.
  • Ady An
    • Rumored to be together when filming Mainland's "The Han Emperor 3" in 2005
  • Cherrie Ying
    • Collaborated in 2006's "Deer and the Cauldron" where sparks flew and was said to have dated afterwards
  • Bianca Bai
    • She was in his 2007 MV and rumors of sparks came out, she was photographed flying to Beijing to see him
  • Vicki Zhao
    • In 2008, he confessed that Vicki Zhao was his first love, it's too bad that he was rejected in his pursuit at the time
  • Hua Hua (Flower/Zhang Jia Yun)
    • In October 2009, he came to Taiwan and went drinking very late at night with Hua Hua and Shattina Li affectionately accompanying him
  • Angelababy
    • In February of this year, the 21-year-old HongKong supermodel was found to have flown especially to Shanghai to wait for him to finish filming a commercial. The two then left together.
Source: Appledaily

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