Huang Guo-Lun and Nancy Kou finally admit marriage

News of their marriage have been circulating since last week, but the two stars didn’t respond to the rumors officially until the 22nd. At the taping of his show The Winner Is, Huang Guo-Lun and Nancy Kou met with the media and announced that they have been married for four months. The hugely popular judge from Super Idol said it was very hard to keep the good news a secret.

Huang Guo-Lun revealed that he had proposed to Nancy Kou at the Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong on November 8th last year. He started the press conference by saying “Kou Nai-Xin (Nancy Kou’s Chinese name) is the best decision of my life.” He said he proposed by kneeling down on the floor and singing a song that he had written for her.

The two stars are always tied down with their busy schedules, but Huang Guo-Lun managed to find a break when his shows were temporarily shut down as staff members went on vacation. Nancy Kuo was asked to adjust her work schedule, “I never thought he would ask me to make room in my schedule for our wedding day…I didn’t know I was getting married until one week before getting on the plane. We were only in Jerusalem for 3 days, but 2 days were spent on the plane.”

In addition to being known as a popular event host and the funny lady on Big Party, Nancy Kou also has the dubious title of The Last Virgin in Showbiz. When asked if a “touchdown” has been scored, Huang Guo-Lun quickly whispered in his wife’s ear, “You don’t have to answer that!” The new Mrs. Huang said shyly, “The wait was well worth it!”

It was rumored that the couple kept their marriage a secret due to a clause in their endorsement contract with a wedding cake company, as well as consideration for the feelings of Huang’s ex-wife and son.

More pics of the couple:

Source: Nownews

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