Hot stars in hot jeans

Big name jeans endorsements are a highly sought after by top idols. When jeans companies announce their new (or existing) spokespersons in March, they often serve as an indicator of who's hot right now – Like Jolin Tsai selling Levi’s along with the infamous Edison Chen, Big Train has Show Luo, Ethan Ruan for EDWIN, Lin Chi-ling in 7 For All Mankind, along with IBS and Wrangler promoted by Rainie Yang and Mark Chao respectively.

From the left: Rainie Yang in IBS, Jolin Tsai in Levi's

Among male idols, Show Luo has had the most experience in jeans endorsement. He now contributes to their designs after promoting the brand for 6 years. Show Luo also helped the brand with its expansion to Shanghai and Beijing in the past few years. The company’s revenue has reportedly risen over 50% compared to 5 years ago.

The denim industry has found consumers becoming increasingly selective over the years. They noticed that men tend to focus on the wash and cut, while women emphasize on functional features such as hip-slimming and leg-elongating. This season, tops stars will model their jeans in the latest styles.

Show Luo in Big Train, Mark Chao in Wrangler

Lin Chi-Ling in 7 For All Mankind, Ethan Ruan in paint EDWIN

Rainie Yang's IBS CF

Show Luo's Big Train CF

Mark Chao's Wrangler CF

Ethan Ruan auditions for Shaolin 18 Bronze Men

Source: Chinatimes, Yam,

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