Hollywood hopefuls drop by Blackie’s WAHSBBT show, featured on Hulu!

American audiences who frequent hugely popular video streaming site Hulu will notice that one of the top video features on the site involves a reality TV program. What's very interesting about this featured video is that the preview image for it prominently shows Blackie and one of the female girls on sharing the spotlight with a female cast member of the American reality show!  Wait, what?


The American program, called “If I Can Dream”, features five aspiring Hollywood hopefuls hoping to break into stardom, and the latest episode involved the American cast taking part in an international tour of sorts involving Japan, Australia, and so on. One of the stops and a definite highlight for the American cast was in Taipei, where they made an appearance on popular variety show program WAHSBBT hosted by Blackie.

Some of the humorous comments by the American cast included how they thought Blackie’s variety show program was like a cartoon and how crazy it was being on set. Fun moments like how one of the female members of WAHSBBT called one of the American guys handsome in English and how Blackie briefly hanging out with the American reality show’s cast peppered the broadcast.  It was also interesting to see Americans' reaction to Taiwanese entertainment.

The Taiwanese segment of the program was basically both a bizarre as well as a cool moment for American audiences who also watch Taiwanese entertainment, since seeing a representative Taiwanese variety show program like WAHSBBT on a major American streaming site alongside popular western shows such as 24, Lost, and Saturday Night Live most likely caused double- and even triple-take moments. It was as if though separate entertainment universes collided for one enjoyable moment of awesome, even for just a moment.

Taipei segment of "If I Can Dream" (starting @6:48):

Source: Hulu

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