Hey Girl’s Shuan leaves group to pursue dream as a model; girl group to reorganize

Shuan (小蠻 Xiǎo Mán) of all-female musical ensemble Hey Girl (黑Girl) recorded her last appearance on Taiwanese variety show WAHSBBT today as an active cast member, due to her new transition as the latest addition to the EeLin Modeling Agency, an organization based in Taipei. Her departure marks the start of her new career choice as a model and serving as a catalyst to the disbanding of the current generation of Hey Girl. The new generation will now consist of four girls, existing members and new additions Yako/Ya Tou 丫頭, Albee/Xiao Xun 小薰, Yong Tu 勇兔, and Tang Guo 糖果.

Left: Shuan giving WAHSBBT host Blackie a heartfelt hug for him taking care of her all these years.
Right: Soon-to-be former bandmate MeiMei wiping away Shuan's tears.

Regarding previous Hey Girl members Mini Chang/Xiao Jie 筱婕, Da Ya 大牙, MeiMei, Apple, and current WAHSBBT girls Hong Shi 洪詩 and Yu Tu 玉兔, the band’s manager Andy said, “These girls are already grown up, and I’m currently helping them on their public speaking, singing, hosting, and acting in idol dramas. If they can sing, then of course I hope they release an album. I won’t disband them, and I will have the others become the new group.

Yesterday’s program saw Shuan throw a going-away party, marking 4 years that she’s spent on the two iterations of the well-known variety show. Both laughing and crying, Shuan expressed, “Starting now, I will be on my own, and will go off to test myself. It’s like I’m a new person.” In her days with Hey Girl, Shuan had lacked self-confidence, but she couldn’t wait for a life in modeling. “I’m not nervous. I’m having feelings of fun. I can still maintain my status as an artist.”

Source: chinatimes

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