The half-mature charm of Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin is featured on the cover of this month’s Brand magazine. The following article is an excerpt of her interview.

Ariel Lin has a different opinion about her on-screen persona, “Most people know me as the characters I play in idol dramas. It is the sunny-side of Ariel Lin, but it’s not all of me.” Ariel Lin enjoys reading and has recently read a book called Love is Highly Overrated by Brigitte Giraud. The author, in typical French women attitude, wrote about the 11 states that indicate love is about to die. Ariel Lin admires the precision and detached sharpness of her writing, she said, “Everyone’s feelings towards love are warm and beautiful, much like the characters I played. But in real life, love is not necessarily that perfect. When someone is in love, she is not necessarily in a warm and fuzzy state.”

Ariel Lin admits she is someone that switches between being warm and cold. She needs room to breathe while being in love, “I think even when two people are happily together, if they are together everyday, their passion won’t last for long. Sometimes a person needs to absorb nutrients of different levels by focusing on their career, or meeting up with friends and family, before they communicate with their partner again. These things are needed in order for the passion to keep burning.”

Ariel Lin was asked if she has any ideal qualities of a Prince Charming in mind, “The person has to be able to push all my buttons.” She laughed, “That’s too difficult?” The editor responded, “I met one before, (all my buttons) were pushed like crazy!” Ariel Lin said, if her encounter (with the ideal person) happens at the wrong time, she won't do anything but sigh.

One year ago, she underwent surgery to remove her brain tumor. It seemed like the greater powers have suddenly thrown a curve at Ariel Lin after reaching the height of her life. However, it turned out to be a precious experience for her, “I used to be a perfectionist, putting myself under a lot of pressure, and wanting to do everything.” In addition to being a good actress, she also wanted to be a good daughter, a good student… She made everyone happy except herself. Over time, it took its toll on her physically and mentally. Although it seemed like a hormonal imbalance due to her brain tumor, the real devil in her heart is really “not being able to let herself go.”

She learned a valuable lesson after her recovery, “Life is like a child playing with a string-loop, sometimes it has to be loose and sometimes it has to be tight, in order to create many patterns.” She said the present Ariel Lin has learned to search for her own happiness, “It doesn’t mean being selfish or only caring about myself. It is about maintaining a state of joy under the condition of not hurting others.” She analyzed herself as a good child by nature, and other people come first even when it is about her own happiness.

Ariel Lin recently experienced a very joyful period, “When I went to New York to take acting lessons by myself, under the circumstances of a different identity and language, my nerves seemed to have suddenly tighten, and became very sensitive. Little things that I didn’t pay attention before became very meaningful to me.” She described, “My heart was beating 50 times per minute when I was in Taiwan. When I checked my heart rate in New York, it was beating about 100 times per minute, as if I was in a state of excitement all the time.”

Ariel Lin entered the world of show business unintentionally, but it has let her discover the acting gene that was inside her. She can explore all the desires that she can’t have in reality. Her obsession with acting even landed her a Golden Bell Best Actress award. She is currently busy on tour with her stage drama, and said she found a different piece of heaven from theater work, “It’s very stressful to take part in a stage drama. We didn’t get our script until 4 days before the premiere!”

However, she said the stage makes an actor immerse even deeper into their character, “Although sometimes I would add lines myself in TV dramas, stage drama is not the same. Not only I have to create lines, I also have to create a living person. The screen is not control by the director, but rather myself as the actor on stage.” Ever since the tour began, she has been trying to make her performance different every time, “I don’t want to be like a civil servant, doing the same lines every time I take the stage.”

It has been awhile since Ariel Lin appeared in front of the Taiwanese audience. She has slowly matured from a girl next door to a young woman, “The big 30 is just in front of me. I would be lying if I say I'm not scared. I think there are ways to maintain a youthful appearance, but it’s unavoidable for the heart and mind to mature as we age. As long as you know what your passion is, and put everything you have to achieve it, no matter what age you are, it won’t impact your beauty.”

Many stars debuted when they were very young, but they often get stuck in between fully mature and half-mature, and eventually lost their niche. Yet Ariel Lin can have a joyful laughter at one moment, then unintentionally reveal a sense of maturity on the next. She fully embodies the charm of being half-mature, “Don’t you think every girl should be a woman and a girl at the same time?”

The full article is available in the March issue of Brand.


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