Girls of Taiwanese parody group No Wonder Girls grace cover of FHM Taiwan

One of the biggest surprises in Taiwanese entertainment is the rising popularity of Taiwanese parody group No Wonder Girls. Consisting of the four sexy ladies Xiao Bai 小白, Xiao You 小優, Yin Yin 茵茵, Bao Ka Ka 寶咖咖, and out-of-place male member Da Ye 大野, the group became a hit sensation in the entertainment world after performing their entertaining covers of popular K-pop songs with seamless Chinese Mandarin lyrics on variety shows University and Kang Xi Lai Le.

Since then, the four girls of the group (sorry, dude Da Ye), caught the eye of FHM Taiwan and became the chosen cover girls for the men’s magazine’s March issue. With their selection in the magazine’s prestigious cover girl selection, the lovely ladies put on a set of sexy wardrobe to fit the magazine’s current cosplay theme:


Clockwise from top left: Bao Ka Ka in plaid school girl outfit, Xiao You in maid outfit,
Xiao Bai in nurse outfit, Yin Yin in flight attendant outfit.

With the girls’ growing popularity, it wouldn’t be shocking at all if they decided to break into a long-term entertainment idol musical act. If only their male bandmate Da Ye wasn’t dragging down the group with his “special” singing skills…

No Wonder Girls' Behind the Scenes video on FHM Taiwan magazine shoot:

No Wonder Girls' performance of Kara's "Mr." on Kang Xi Lai Le:

Source: FHM Taiwan

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