Genie Cho frenched kissed by a dog, Iris Lin enjoys dog-like behaviour!

On the 17th, singer-songwriter Iris Lin became the spokesperson of an online game. She was arranged to write the theme song which had an estimate of a million recordings. On that day, she dressed herself up in order to portray the image of a happy girl. Also on set was Son (兒子), a Labrador which she once worked with during a commercial. As she kneeled down to pat Son (兒子), Son went overboard with excitement creating a funny scene.

Coincidentally, at the same time, singer Genie Cho was promoting Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (愛護動物). She was french kissed by a dog, she laughed and said "Even though my face is all wet from being licked, the feeling is quite strange. Though a human french kiss is more comfortable." She also revealed that when she is at home, she likes to talk to her rabbit. Her mum would always mistake it as human-rabbit love.

Genie Cho's speaking style always becomes a focus. When she was asked the popular topic of "first time", she revealed that her first kiss was in year 10 (國三).

Source: Yam News

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