Fever over Cheryl and Harry's relationship: Harry confesses

In February, Da Mouth paid a visit to the Yue Lao Temple (for love and relationships) at Dihua Street. It’s no wonder that love relationships are blossoming for the group members. Just after the news broke out about Harry dating Cheryl Yang, Da Mouth attended a recording of variety show “University” yesterday. Host Matilda Tao, seeing the reporters continuously snapping photos of Harry, shouted, “You’re responsible! You’re responsible!,” And advised Harry, “Being in love is a good thing. Please take good care of our ‘Defeated Queen’.” Harry expressed that he was in a very good mood and thus, Matilda continued, “Did you guys French kiss?” Harry tried diverting the topic and responded, “Me and MC 40?” At that point, all the group members started dancing to their latest single, “French Kiss.” Harry smiled painfully, “It’s the first time that I don’t want to dance when hearing the music to ‘French Kiss’.”

Yesterday’s topic for University happened to be “Confessions of a University student ~My Love ~I’m sorry!” Matilda took the opportunity and proposed the question, “Is Harry really dating the Defeated Queen?” Harry had no choice but to follow co-host Ah Ken into the "confession room." When they came out, everybody was anxious to know what “confessions” Harry had, and Ah Ken answered, “Him and the Defeated Queen are friends who often use their tongue.” The set was filled with screams from shock, but Ah Ken later explained, “Harry and the Defeated Queen are friends who chat about everything, so that’s why they often use their tongues!”

Harry was caught going to Cheryl Yang’s home late at night before, thus the news of them dating broke out. He replied, “We often talk about acting and music. That day, I was dropping off a USB drive with Lady Gaga (songs) in it to her.” Harry was very protective of Cheryl and insisted, “We are good friends, and have always been.” Even his group members expressed that they did not know about the news. Harry revealed that he had dated someone older than him before when he was in high school, so he does not reject this type of relationship, and does not mind if the other person is more popular than he is.

Source: UDN

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