Fans not getting enough of Mark in Wrangler's new catalogue

Wrangler contains three main styles and Mark Chao took two sets of photos for each style, with 10 photos in each set, but there were only a total of four photos of Mark in its new catalogue, compared to the previous. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction for not getting enough photos of Mark and manager Vicky said, “Seriously, we took a couple hundred of photos. If they only want to use a few, it’s not something that we can control!”

Mark was not yet popular when he signed the spokesperson contract to endorse Wrangler jeans, and his price at the time was 1.5 million (NTD). Following the success of Monga, Mark’s spokesperson price has reportedly increased six times in his latest Wrangler spokesperson contract. Mark’s manager Vicky said, “His one year contract with Wrangler is not even up yet (there will be one commercial for spring-summer and one more for fall-winter), how would his price have gone up?”

Vicky emphasized that every time he attends an event, he wouldn’t wear anything but Wrangler jeans, demonstrating his responsibility as a spokesperson.  Since the contract will end in mid-year, there have been two other brands expressing their interest to sign Mark and increase his spokesperson price to three million. Whether Mark will renew his spokesperson contract with Wrangler, it is still in negotiation.

Fellow Monga co-star and buddy Ethan Ruan’s popularity rose earlier than Mark’s, so his spokesperson contract started at two million. After Monga, his price went up 15%, while his price in Mainland is five times higher.

Last year, Ethan endorsed the women’s jeans brand name, SOMETHING.  He painted himself in full blue and wrapped his arms around the female model’s thigh in the commercial. The commercial immediately became a hot discussion and 800 pairs of the brand new jean style that was advertised were sold out within a month. Ethan’s management company, Catwalk, revealed that there are at least three different brands interested in having Ethan endorse their products and one of them is a sportswear brand. His endorsements have slowly extended from Taiwan to Mainland and Hong Kong.

Despite Ethan’s recent “hotel” scandal, the brand’s representative confirmed that sales have not dropped.

Mark in Wrangler commercial from last year:

Ethan in Something commercial:

Source: chinatimes / Videos: wranglerTW, ballchan2002

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