Fahrenheit Promotes Taiwan With Goo Hye Sun

After actress Goo Hye Sun's popularity soared in Taiwan due to her role in Boys Over Flower, she was invited to partake in the Taiwan Tourism Organization along with boy-band Fahrenheit to promote the beauties of Taiwan. Taking over F4's role in advertising Taiwan, Fahrenheit has played an active part in welcoming visitors to the island. In fact, a full length cardboard cutout of the four members at Taoyuan International Airport welcomes friends, family, and tourists to Taiwan.

Recently, Fahrenheit and Goo Hye Sun spent two days filming the music video "Touch Your Heart," a bonus track featured in Fahrenheit's latest full album "Love You More and More." The music video puts together clips of Taiwan's beautiful scenery and follows Goo Hye Sun as she samples the delicious Taiwanese cuisine and takes the convenient bullet train and Taipei's Rapid Transit System (MRT Mass Rapid Transit) to famous destinations such as Shi-Lin Night Market in Taipei, Liu-He Night Market in Kao-Hsiung, Kao-Hsiung's Love River, Taipei 101, and the hot springs of Bei-Tou.

The music video will be heavily broadcast in Japan and South Korea to attract tourists from these nearby countries. Fahrenheit will also be traveling to Japan and South Korea to meet their overseas fans. They will be holding their first official fan-meeting in South Korea on March 26th at the Melon-AX Hall.

For those readers out there who have yet to travel to Taiwan, I strongly suggest a trip to this amazing island. Traveling from city to city has become unbelievably convenient with the easily accessible public transportation. Also, don't worry about having to read Chinese everywhere as almost every train station and road signs come with English translations below. Beware of going in the summer though as the weather starts getting unbelievably hot!

After visiting Taiwan nearly 20 times in my life, I still find the food absolutely delicious. Take a sneak peek at the snacks Taiwan offers! The pictures were taken on my recent trip back three months ago.

Literally translated to "Car wheel cookies" - normally filled with red bean, sesame, custard, or taro. Eat while hot!

Strawberry snow shaved-ice - perfect in the summer

QQ-Egg - Have you tried it before? Get it at the night markets!

Unfortunately, I have yet to travel to all the amazing places out there, but I'm definitely getting close!

Check out Fahrenheit and Goo Hye Sun's "Touch Your Heart" music video below!

Promotional video on SETTV's Complete Entertainment

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