Ethan Ruan is "Soft Today", "Hard Tomorrow"

Ethan Ruan was in the mainland to promote his single “Brave Love” for a new commercial. During an interview with Beijing Sina, the star spoke about being teased for his Chinese name “*Ruan Jing-Tian”(which phonetically resembles “Ruan Jin Tian” and literally translates to “Soft Today”.) Ever since he was young, he has always been given nicknames like “Softie”, “Hard Tomorrow”, “Always Soft”. He had even argued and fought with his classmates because of it.

Ethan Ruan said he would go home in anger every time and ask his grandpa to change his name. His grandpa, who gave him his same, always patiently explained that his name derived from their “clan book”. Ethan Ruan said, “I felt better right away, but I would get mad again on the next day when I returned to school.” It wasn’t until high school when he became more mature and less wary of the name-calling, “Now I think my name leaves a deep impression on people, it’s not bad at all.”

However, he does prefer his family to call him by the names of his characters, like "Xiao Cao Mei (Little Strawberry), Lucas, Ji Cun-Xi and Monk. It means your family really likes your dramas." He also revealed that his dad sometimes calls him "Xiao (little) Tian Tian", which give us the shivers soften his entire body. When his mom is in a good mood, she calls him "Tian Ge Ge (brother)", and when she's mad, she addresses him by his full name "Ruan Jing-Tian!”

Here are more pics of Xiao Tian Tian/Tian Ge Ge at his Sina interview:

Source: Chinatimes, Sina

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