Ethan Ruan and his night at the Golden Jaguar

The scandal might have quiet down for a few days ago but it is far from over. Photos of Ethan Ruan and a woman, who was said to be an escort at the Golden Jaguar nightclub, were published in a local magazine. It was suggested that the woman in the photo was the same one in his “hotel incident”. One of the three photos published also included Monga’s director Niu Cheng-Ze and they seemed to have been taken at the nightclub itself.

Ethan Ruan spoke to the press yesterday and clarified that the woman in the pictures was just a fan of his. Meanwhile, the woman who he visited the hotel with was the girlfriend of his friend, “They are two separate incidents, the two (women) are not the same person!” He said he and the director went to the nightclub as a gesture of gratitude.  They wanted to thank the “Big Brother” who helped them during filming. When asked about the current state of his relationship, he responded, “We are doing very well!”

The photos of Ethan Ruan and the woman were suspected to have been taken on February 28h at the time of the hotel incident. He denied that claim and said all three photos were actually taken on February 8th, as printed on the photo with Niu Cheng-Ze in it. Ethan Ruan also provided the reason for going to the Golden Jaguar Nightclub -- He said the local gang leader helped them with arranging over 600 extras for a particular scene. Therefore, the director wanted to bring him along to thank the “Big Brother” in person. “Big Brother helped us a lot, I have no reason to refuse.”
Ethan Ruan with his "fan"

Ethan Ruan added that their night at the club was like a mini fan meeting, “I took at least 100 photos, that woman was just a fan, she is innocent.” When asked if he had explained himself to girlfriend Tiffany Hsu, “I came here right after I got off the plane (he was in Shanghai that morning). There’s nothing to be explained.” As for the continuous scandals, he said with confident, “I have thick skin ever since I was young, nothing hurts.”

Tiffany Hsu was asked if she still believes Ethan Ruan, she said, “Aside from what happened before (referring to the hotel incident), I know the details of his night at the club. There is no reason for me not to believe him.” She said she hasn’t been affected by the scandals, but she was spotted at a gay bar with a man until 3 in the morning. Tiffany Hsu explained that the man was her friend from high school. She was only drinking water and juice because she had to drive.

Although he is not officially related or dating Ethan Ruan, many people wondered where Mark Chao was since they have been nearly inseparable. Monga’s producer Li Lie explained that the director had only invited Ethan Ruan to the Golden Jaguar. Back when Monga was still filming, director Niu had wanted to take his lead actors to visit the “Big Brother” for researching purposes. Mark Chao’s mother was against the idea and forbidden his son from getting involved. On the night of the nightclub visit (February 8th), Mark Chao returned home right after the Taichung movie premiere, and luckily missed a night out at the Golden Jaguar.

Mom ordered Mark Chao to go home after the Taichung premiere...

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN

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