Ethan admits his wrong in hotel incident

Model and actress Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan’s hotel incident has become a hot topic. A few days ago, through an interview with “Fashion Queen,” Tiffany revealed that when she is stressed, she will become happy again after taking a bath, “If I’m still in a bad mood, it’s okay to cry in secret!”

The night before, Ethan Ruan attended the grand opening of a fashion clothing store in Hong Kong. Xiao Tian (Ethan) expressed that because his Grandfather had just passed away, he just wants to take care of his family matters and wishes that the media would stop disturbing his girlfriend Tiffany, “No matter what, it is my fault.”

Due to the scandal, Xiao Tian was less lively than usual. When asked if he had cheated on his girlfriend, he replied helplessly, “I’ve already explained everything that needed to be explained. She was my friend’s girlfriend. If I say any more, it will only complicate the matter more. I don’t want to make things tougher for Tiffany, so I’m sorry, but I don’t want to comment about this anymore.” As for whether he has been forgiven by his girlfriend, he answered, “She is currently busy with filming, and it is also our private matter.”

Regarding the state of their relationship, Tiffany smiled, “Everything’s fine. Thank you for asking.” To avoid the media from spreading any more rumors, Tiffany has hidden her “relationship status” on Facebook. When asked if she took a bath to relieve her stress on the day the scandal broke out, she replied, “I was too tired from filming. I immediately went to bed.”

Source: Liberty Times, UDN

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