Emerson Tsai shows his masculine and feminine side

Emerson Tsai
may have an unfamiliar name to non-Super Idol fans, but it is no longer the case. Soon after getting axed in Season 3 of Super Idol, Emerson began hosting the exploration show, “在台灣的故事” (Story of Taiwan), breaking previous records in ratings for the show. Just recently, he plays one of the gang members in the latest hit movie, Monga, which stars Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao.  While he is getting more and more invitations to special guest on popular variety shows, the most popular 8th place finisher, Emerson Tsai, never turns down a request for help from fellow Super Idol contestants.
Emerson in celebration poster - 2.14% is the highest rating for the show ever recorded.

Not long ago, Emerson was invited back to Super Idol to sing duets with current contestants of the show. Emerson displayed his manliness in a duet with contestant Li Ya Suo. Due to the height difference, he tip-toed and held his chest high throughout the song. The judges did not forget to make fun, “You’re (Emerson) really looking like the leader of the gang and she (Ya Suo) is like your woman.” Just like the song they decided to sing, it was a “speechless ending.”

In a second duet, Emerson lent a hand to Dora Wu in the duet theme night. Just before they sang, Dora revealed, “I had to wear a mask when I went outside with him since people recognizes him now, but a lot of people thought that I was his girlfriend and even asked me to help them take pictures with him!” Making matters worse, Emerson explained that since he lived far from Dora, he ended up going to her place and stayed there for two nights. Dora tried to clarify, “I live in a dorm, with a few other roommates.” Host Li Jing immediately asked, “Are your roommates girls?” Dora answered, “Yes,” and it was too late for Emerson to explain himself but he insisted, “I only slept in the living room!” They clarified in the duet that they are only “sisters” as they sang, “妝乎水水” (pretty makeup), despite no one really wanted to see Emerson in a wig and skirt…

Source: yan11032002, Pascalyau, SETTV

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