ELVA and S.H.E show their support for A-Mei

A-Mei returned to the Taipei Arena last night as Amit for her second show. She went all out and even needed two cans of oxygen in order to keep going. The organizers were fined NT$100,000 for going over time on the first show, which didn’t finish until 11:26 pm. She kneeled down on stage and bowed to her fans numerous times to show her gratitude.

The excitement of the fans kept the temperature and carbon dioxide at a high level throughout the show. A-Mei described, “After the fast songs segment, it felt like a heat wave was coming towards me from the audience.” She was suffocating at times and looked for canned oxygen for some relieve. The staff prepared 20 cans of oxygen for the second night. She used up 2 cans during the show and her legs were cramping after leaving the stage.

A-Mei was in noticeably better condition than her first show. After the concert ended on the previous night, she immediately went back to the hotel for rest. Her personal masseuse gave her a massage to help her relax. On the day of her second show, she ate a seared steak for lunch, and started the show with explosive energy. She repressed her emotions until the sixth song “Open Your Eyes”, in which tears came down her face. Before singing “Rainbow”, she said, “The World has many different kinds of love. No matter if it's love between two men, or two women, they should all be respected.”

A-Mei will bring her Amit tour to the Kaohsiung Stadium on March 27th.

More stars came out to support A-Mei

ELVA, Cyndi Wang, S.H.E and Lollipop went to the concert in full rocker-style after many stars were panned for not dressing up (yes that’s you, Mark Chao) on the first night. As per Amit’s request, they were in heavy make-up and wore their best rocker outfits.

ELVA had high praises for Amit’s performance, “(She) only had 3 outfits, without any dancers, and took the spirits of a singer and a rocker to its limits.”

S.H.E’s Selina said, “(I) read Appledaily today, everyone is trying hard, there is a lot of pressure.” Ella said, “(I) wanted to slack off (from dressing up), but (I) didn’t dare.” Selina mocked Hebe and Ella’s ripped tights for being “shallow”.

ELVA, Cyndi Wang


Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN

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