Eddie Peng becomes the next actor-turned-singer

With the ongoing contract dispute lawsuit with his former management company, Eddie Peng is currently temporarily managed by Avex, which is also the record company for fellow idol drama veterans Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. Under Avex’s arrangements, Eddie will be the next actor-turned-singer as he has just completed the recording for his upcoming debut album. From the looks of things, Eddie is likely to sign on to Avex once the lawsuit regarding his contract with his former company is over.

Eddie revealed that he needs a friend to keep him company while he is in the recording studio in order to sing at ease, “There’s more interaction this way and so that I won’t feel like I’m recording alone.” Eddie became friends with singer-song writer Shin after filming the idol drama, Honey and Clover. Shin made fun at Eddie, “You didn’t need to read the script when filming a drama, so you shouldn’t need to see the lyrics when you’re singing. Just sing with your heart.” Although Eddie agreed, he still made notes on his lyrics sheets and asked the producer about areas he needed to improve on like phrases where he needed to put more emphasis on. After he had successfully finished the recording, Eddie commented, “Singing is really not as easy as I had thought!” Eddie gave himself a passing score of 60, leaving lots of room for improvement.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times

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