The Drifters film new MVs with Jay Chou in Japan, get some shopping done there

Jay Chou invested more into his new group The Drifters by sending them to Japan in order to shoot three new MVs. Recently, the MV for the song "You are My "Bandaid", which was shot in the popular tourist attraction of Kamakura, Japan, found a "cherry blossom girl" (note: what Taiwanese media calls a Japanese girl) to play the lead female role for the MV. The band's members Chang Qing and Darren only regret that they couldn't play parts as leads with the cute female actress in the MV, because "Directory Chou" craved the role as the lead male actor for their MV.

The song "You are My Bandaid" is actually a remake of the song "Sakura 桜" by Japanese group Funk Monkey Babys ファンキー・モンキー・ベイビーズ. When Jay first heard the song, he immediately felt that the song was a perfect fit for his group The Drifters. Not only that, but Jay also composed the lyrics with them, gave the duo his support, provided vocals for the chorus, and personally directed and participated in their performance. The song "You are My Bandaid" is a song full of encouragement and heartening sprit, with Jay saying, "This is a song to heal the wounds. When you finish hearing this song, you'll believe that your wounds will get better faster!"

Along with filming the MV, Jay also brought The Drifters along to Tokyo's Shimokitazawa, a small yet hip neighborhood in Tokyo that typically caters to small crowds on an ordinary day, for some shopping. But once the trio arrived, not only were they followed by "We Love Jay" music fans, but were also attracting the attention of Japanese girls who wanted to get their photos taken with The Drifters who continued to rave about their stylish fashion, which made the super stylish Jay endlessly happy about that towards his musical creation. As Jay, Chang Qing, and Darren wandered into each store, the three generously splurged on their merchandise as they transformed their looks on each succeeding visit, and eventually blending in with the artist crowd that mingles in the neighborhood.

Preview of The Drifters' "You are My Bandaid" featuring Jay Chou:

Behind-the-scenes footage of "You are My Bandaid" MV:

Full-length audio of "You are my Bandaid":

Funky Monkey Babys' Original Version:

Source: UDN, yunapig@YT, urasiansourceCpop2@YT

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