Down With Love celebrates ratings win with hot pot

Over at CTV/GTV’s Down With Love, actors Jerry Yan, Ella, Kelly Haung and Michael Zhang celebrated their ratings victory by having Mala hot pot. The show finally topped the idol drama ratings last week despite the full series has already been leaked on the Internet.

Their competitor Blue Lan from P.S. Man previously said he doesn’t watch other people’s dramas, to which Ella responded, “Their ratings have dropped. He is trying hard to save the ratings.  Of course he doesn’t have time to watch (other shows). We won’t force him to watch (ours).” While her costar Jerry Yan tried to ease the tension, “Both (of our shows) will get better and better.”

Jerry Yan attempted to change the topic by saying it wasn’t his first time having Mala hot pot at the famous Tai Ho Dien restaurant. He revealed that a superstar had once brought him leftovers from the place before. Reporters started guessing and asked him if that superstar was Lin Chi-Ling.  Unfortunately, Jerry quickly got up and left. His manager Fenny later clarified, “It was a coincidence. He already had work scheduled so he had to leave early.” Blue Lan’s manager said his client doesn’t mind about what Ella had said. They understand it was done for the sake of promotion.

Source: AppledailyTW, Libertytimes, UDN

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