Donnie Yen confirms he is the man of all men

More great news for the Universe’s Strongest!! Donnie Yen was recently voted the “Most Popular Actor” by the China Mobile Paper. He is also rumored to be awarded with “Influential Actor in Asia” on the 28th at the Channel [V] Music and Asia Awards (the show’s full name is "全球華語榜中榜暨亞洲影響力大典".) His most recent movie 13 Blades was one of the top money-makers during the Chinese New Year, taking in 150 million (RMB).

Donnie Yen attended a press conference on the 22nd to promote his upcoming movie Ip Man 2. In true Donnie Yen style, he praised himself for being “the role model for men” and said, “men want to be like (me), women like (me)”. He further praised himself by saying that he has “wealth, class and look”! He pointed at his Ip Man costar Lynn Xiong and joked, “You seemed to have found one!” The comment quickly reminded everyone of her rumored-boyfriend Aaron Kwok, but she was able to save herself from trouble by saying Donnie Yen is a good man.

Although Donnie Yen is a self-proclaimed man of all men, he frankly admits that he is not a good dad. He said he doesn’t spend a lot of time with his children, especially when they are doing their homework.

Pics from the Ip Man 2 press conference:


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