Directors express interests in making Brother Sharp biopic

The homeless but very stylish Brother Sharp recently burst into fame after his pictures were posted on the Internet. After receiving much attention from netizens all over Asia (and the World), he was finally recognized by his family in the Jiangxi province. They traveled to the city of Ningbo to pick up Brother Sharp, who was identified as Cheng Guo-Rong at 33 years of age, from the mental hospital and they will soon return home.

A number of directors from Hong Kong have already expressed interests in making a movie about Brother Sharp. The story of his experience as a homeless man and his acute sense of style raise many speculations.

Awarding-winning director Johnnie To was interviewed over the phone, “His image and actions are good points to start a story. It can keep the audience hooked, and the unexpected mismatch (of his style and homelessness) makes a pretty good plot.”

Director Edmond Pang also said it would make a good love story, “(The movie) can be about him living in the streets because he was dejected by love, but (I) hope the media would leave him alone, he already looks very hysterical and painful.”

Director Jeffrey Lau half-jokingly said Brother Sharp must have a manager already. He came up with conspiracy theory, “Why would he happen to be photographed and his pictures coincidentally posted on the Internet. Even the stars don’t have the same verve if they dress in his style. If (we) don’t look at it this way, then he must have had a very rough past. It might make a pretty good comedy by telling a story of a reclusive legendary master.”

We will have to stay tune to see if anyone makes a movie about Brother Sharp. Here are some comparison photos to see how Brother Sharp stack up to real stars:

Brother Sharp vs Japanese soccer player Yuji Nakazawa

Brother Sharp vs singer Leehom Wang

Brother Sharp vs Bodyguards and Assassins' Leon Lai

Brother Sharp vs Male Model

Source: Appledaily, Nownews

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