Director Niu hopes to cast Zhou Xun in next movie

Monga, directed by Niu Cheng Ze, starring Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao, is closing in on three-hundred million in box office. Director Niu received fifty-million from GIO (Government Information Office) as a bonus from Monga, which he plans to use for his next project. Yesterday on a variety show, Director Niu revealed that he has already started brainstorming for the script, “(I) want to film a big city love story because there are actors that I want to work with from Beijing, like Zhou Xun. Hopefully, it can be a story that takes place in both Taipei and Beijing, portraying their lifestyles, as well as expressing my views on love.”

Besides naming the A-lister and Golden Horse Best Actress Zhou Xun as someone that he wants to work with, he also would like to work with fellow buddies in Monga again. He said, “Like Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao, I will continue working with them for a long period of time.” In regards to Director Niu’s invitation, Zhou Xun’s manager Huang Feng responded, “Zhou Xun and Niu Cheng Ze are good friends, so she’s definitely interested in working with him.” According to various sources, Zhou Xun’s movie price in Mainland China is a hefty sum of four-million RMB (18.5 million TWD), but Huang Feng did not confirm this.

Director Niu may be planning a love story between Ethan and Zhou Xun on his next project.

Source: Appledaily

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