Crowd Lu pampers his skin with toner and lotion

Golden Melody Best Newcomer Crowd Lu can’t stop the endorsement offers from coming. Following his mineral water and convenience store commercials, Crowd’s latest is to promote a line of acne care cosmetics. He revealed that after releasing his first album, he started to apply toner and lotion, “(I) feel a sense of achievement when my skin improves, (I) feel girly saying this!”

The brand Ettusais selected Crowd Lu as their spokesperson because of his affinity. He said he was the “Prince of Pimples” in high school, and often compared with classmates to see who has more. He wasn’t worried about his pimple-face back then since he didn’t have a girlfriend. Crowd only learned about skincare after his debut. He said he did it by experimenting as he didn’t have any mentors, “I’d just do it carelessly! Like putting on lotion when my skin cracks, and apply toner after the shower.”

There are many pretty girls among his fans, but Crowd said he is afraid to pursue any of them, “If I look into the eyes of my fans, my brain would go blank and forget all my lyrics. It happened a few times before, so (I) dare not to look down the stage, and never thought about finding a girlfriend within my fans.” However, a male fan shouted out “I love you” to him at the event. Crowd was shocked and said, “My legs weakened a bit”!

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Here is his mineral water commercial

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