Crowd Lu makes 7-figure with 3 endorsements

Last year’s Golden Melody Best Newcomer Crowd Lu seems to have successfully broken the infamous Golden Melody curse. The prestigious award has a long history of bringing a string of bad luck to its recipient. Crowd Lu was able to continue his success since his win and reportedly earned over a million (NTD) with three endorsements!

Crowd Lu didn’t stop after winning the big award last year. He released a new album and had concerts everywhere from Taipei to Cannes, followed by Hong Kong and even in Vancouver. He had also become a favorite of advertisers as he recently filmed commercials for a bank and a convenience store-chain. He will be promoting bottled water in his next commercial. Concerning his pay day, his management company said he is still a student, so he only charges “student-price”.

Crowd Lu has continued to stay true to himself after receiving several major awards. As for breaking the Golden Melody curse, he said he had “Never thought about that, I only focus on making music.”

Here are some fancams from his "Oh Yeah!" concert in Hong Kong back in February.  They are in excellent quality and more are available on joysjoyful's Channel!

"Good Morning"

"Wanting to Splurge"

"I Love You"

"Did You Hear?"

"100 Ways of Living"

Source: Libertytimes, joysjoyful's Channel

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