Coco Lee dazzles fans at Taipei Arena

It’s been 12 years since Coco Lee has held a concert in Taipei. Last night, she dazzled the fans with thirteen different elegant and sexy costumes at the Taipei Arena. To ensure the success of giving a grand show to her fans, Coco had six staff members to help her change her costumes and eight hair stylists. Coco also had fun with cosplay-ing. One minute she was Lady Gaga, the next she was Mulan, and then she turned into Barbie singing in dreamland.

Coco performed many classic hits like “Sunny Day” and “I’m still your lover.” Coco said to her fans, “You guys waited for me for 12 years, so sweet! I hope that my performance today is enough to payback for your patience.”

Coco’s mom, her two sisters, and her fiancé Bruce attended the concert to show their support. She plans to get married next year October, but to share her happiness with the fans, she wore a white wedding veil during the encore, and the fans screamed in excitement.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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