A closer look at The Drifters

With this new group of Jay Chou's debuting soon, let's take a closer look at The Drifters and the MV from their upcoming album, also named The Drifters.

The Drifters

Darren (邱凱偉) graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia where he majored in Visual Communication Design. Besides liking to draw, he also likes to sing and act. Darren has been good friends with Alan Kuo since childhood and, thus, familiar with Jay while Chang Qing (楊常青) is the son of Jay's high school music teacher who Jay had already gotten to know back in high school. Chang Qing studied in France for six years and attended Beaux Arts de Pékin ou Le Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied sound art. When Jay was preparing for the Pandaman series, he even got Chang Qing to participate in the artistic design. Because of the two men's background, Jay was hit with the idea to place these two people, who were unknown to each other, together in a group saying that "The two's looks were quite like that of a group's, and good looks at that!" Jay compliment the them on their looks and gave them his own songs to try out. Despite being in the US at the time to act in a movie, Jay listened to their recordings and liked what he heard. In this way, The Drifters was born.

The Beginning

"Ying Yuan" (應援) means cheering on and encouraging each other; JVR put them as singers in the "Ying Yuan Department" because their music is full of warmth, encouragement, and morale boosting for the hearts and minds of people. In addition, the (Chinese) name of the group 'ocean spray' (浪花) came from Jay's thoughts on how ocean sprays represented the endless way in which life, like ocean sprays, rises up and down -- pressing on when it is at low tide so that it can seize the opportunity to ride the waves when the high tide comes in; Also, the "ocean sprays" were wanders who studied abroad and the two had no limits to their dreams, in arts and music, they step over the boundaries to wander. In their first album of the same name, under Jay's guidance and encouragement, they also wrote music for the first time. Director Jay hopes that these two art students can create sparks in the music field.

The MV

The first song of The Drifters is "Write to You When I Think of You" (想你就寫信), the newest work of Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. It interweaves the oriental sounds of the Shamisen along with the accompaniment of the guitar! The MV was also personally directed by Jay Chou. Besides him and his Taiwanese team, he also had the collaboration of a Japanese production team and even found an elderly Japanese grandfather and grandmother. There were nearly 20 people on the team causing The Drifters to be overwhelmed by gratitude and happiness considering they were still new artistes. Not only is the MV located in the countryside of Kamakura in Japan, it was filmed on the wharf below Mt. Fuji. On the day of filming, the temperature was 4°C along with gales of wind creating frost on the grass. The two in sandals were continuously shivering, but still had to resist the cold wind in front of Mt. Fuji covered in brilliant white snow until the shoot was satisfactory. Darren said, "Everyone is working so hard and bustling around for our MV, this tiny cold weather can't compare!" Chang Qing, at his side, also agreed saying, "Especially Jay who is extremely busy, but still took the time to take us to Japan to film the MV. We are really touched and very thankful to him!"

The Birthday

Coincidentally, the day of the shoot was also Chang Qing's birthday. After Director Chou had finished filming, he meticulously arranged for an assistant who was fatly built to walk out covering a birthday cake in oder to celebrate Chang Qing's birthday! Darren joked about pushing Chang Qing into the lake to which Chang Qing replied straightforwardly that turning into a drowned rat in this weather is not a joke! In order to avoid any retaliation from Chang Qing in the future, Darren let the subject drop. It was a cause of false alarm for the god of longevity.

The Style

The Drifters' natural and unrestrained style is fairly unique and came from Jay Chou's creativeness. Darren is elegant and handsome and Chang Qing's temperament is unruly. The two's long hair was tied up as they wished, along with a cheongsam and loose pants, and folk style necklaces combined with small objects that give off a modern and trendy feel, they emitted the feel of wanderers creating the "mixed folk style" that Director Chou wanted. Paired up with the Japanese style of the first track, "Write to You When I Think of You", it is bound to bring about a breeze of "wandering handsome men" new rage. Even when the photography was just about to take their picture, Director Chou stood on the side directing their poses and photography feel. He even changed into the same style of outfit of pose for a picture with them. It can be said that he spared no pains or efforts to passionately guide The Drifters along.

Source: JVR

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