Cheryl's younger lover...Harry of Da Mouth?

Regardless if it’s on or off screen, Cheryl Yang continues to date younger men. On the 3rd, news broke out that she is currently dating Harry of Da Mouth. Yesterday, Cheryl’s manager Qiu Li Kuan expressed that she is not sure about their current relationship, “But they’re both single right now, so even if they are really dating, it’s not a bad thing!” On the other hand, Harry’s manager Katie stated, “They are very good friends. They chat a lot and would also go out to have fun together.”

Cheryl and Harry filmed "My Queen" together.

During “My Queen,” Cheryl revealed that she had just ended a love relationship with someone who was younger than her by three years. During her recovery from the break up, Harry was often with her, uplifting her mood, but Harry had a girlfriend at the time, so the two did not begin dating back then. Last year, under the pressure from the media, Cheryl spoke honestly that there is a new relationship in “brewing.” But friends do not foresee a future for this couple.

Interestingly, when Da Mouth was invited on Li Ming Yi’s hitFM “Hit Weekend!” show, both Harry and Aisa could only remember each other’s birthday and not the rest of their group-mates. This immediately led host Li Ming Yi to press to see whether Aisa and Harry are dating. Aisa’s face turned red, while Harry could only giggle. Li Ming Yi made fun, “They only have each other in their hearts. Why don’t you guys just admit it?”

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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