Chen Qiao En says no to Roy Chiu

Joe Chen Qiao-En and Roy Chiu were said to be in a relationship after working together on the idol drama Easy Fortune Happy Life. The two collaborated again in the mainland drama The Girl in Blue and were still very much in love. Surprisingly, the half year-old relationship is rumored to have already ended. At an event yesterday, Joe Chen said, “He and I are friends who no longer interact or stay in-touch.”

Joe Chen revealed last August that she and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up. She was filming Easy Fortune Happy Life at the time, and shortly after, she was photographed going to Roy Chiu's place. Although they never admitted to be a couple, their relationship continued on as they filmed The Girl in Blue in the mainland.

After filming completed, their relationship seemed to have cooled off much to everyone’s surprise. Joe Chen wrote a blog entry on February 11th saying, “I think, (I can) leave now, and not to come back anymore... … Am I that difficult to get along with? That erratic?” According to “friends” of the two, they broke up because of their very different personalities -- Roy Chiu apparently is a introverted and calm person, while Joe Chen wants to be cared for but also likes to take the lead.

When asked about the state of her love life, Joe Chen said, “I’m single.” She added, “(Roy Chiu is) A friend who is not in contact. Don’t link me and him together anymore.” She stressed that they are only friends who got along during filming. They haven’t interacted since the drama ended, and they were never together.

Joe Chen turned herself into a barbaric girlfriend in her new bra commercial. She has a fight with her on-screen boyfriend while dressed in  underwear, and ends up crying in his arms at the end. One of the scenes features her running down the stairs with her 32D chest. She was quite embarrassed and said, “I was very shocked (to see the finished commercial), and felt it was a bit over.” As for the “break up”, Roy Chiu’s manager said, “It’s not like we’re the ones selling bras, how are we supposed to respond!”

Here is what she was shocked about:

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN, NEWFTLY's channel

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