By2 all grown up, cover up their "sunshine" with pair of pillows

Singaporean music duo and real-life twins By2 recently celebrated their 18th birthday farewell to their soft little girl days and transforming into sexy young ladies!

In order to surprise the duo, By2's record company unexpectedly brought out a strawberry cake while they were shooting an MV on location. The move caused the girls to cry on the spot, which they then got great enjoyment from. The two then made a wish by saying, "We want to fall in love," which scared the staff members on set to immediately say, "Fantasies can come true, if you're serious about it!"

For shooting promotional photos for their new album "Grown Up 成人禮", the girls of By2 deliberately wore light-colored clothes to give the illusion that they weren't wearing any clothes behind the pillows they were holding. Their record company were inspired to have a "This is love 這叫愛. Pillow sharing photo shoot event", in order to allow music fans close together with the idols for a group photo in bed. When By2 heard about this activity, they yelled, "This is the first time we'll be in bed with strangers, we're feeling really shy about this!" By2's new album was released in stores yesterday.

By2's "This is Love 這叫愛" MV:

Source: The Liberty Times, urasiansourceCpop2

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