Blackie and Fan Fan talks about wedding plans

Back in February, Charles Chen (Blackie) proposed to his 10-year girlfriend Fan Fan with a 1-carat diamond ring worth NT$500,000 at a New Jersay Nets basketball game. It turns out that the reason for his sudden marriage proposal was due to a car accident during a snow storm.

On the day that it happened, Blackie insisted on going to see his friend Yi Jian-Lian at a basketball game. Fan Fan said, “The news was reporting about a super snow storm, all the buses were canceled, but he insisted on going, so we called a cab, and ended up spinning 360 degrees on the road. We spun around several times, so I was thinking, 'Is my life about to end like this?'” Blackie said, “We would have been dead if there was car behind us.”

Because of the same accident, Blackie realized, “There are some things that if you don’t do it, there might not be another chance.” He planned for an impromptu marriage proposal that took place two days later. Fan Fan was still reeling from the after shock of the accident, and with the mindset of “it’s good to be alive”, she accepted the ring without any hesitation.

Many didn’t think the couple would last when they first started dating. Blackie said, “I have heard a lot of harsh comments, like saying I’m ‘a toad wishing to eat swan meat’ (implying she is out of his league), but I never gave up. Those words turned into my motivation, and let me to push myself forward.”

He previously announced that he would marry Fan Fan this year, but a month later, they already have thoughts about delaying the wedding. Fan Fan said, “I want to push it back until later in the year. I need to cool down in the first half of this year, because the overwhelming number of questions are putting me under great pressure, like my mom saying the Taiwan Lions Club would need 100 tables. Of course I want to please everyone, but I want to follow my own schedule, without being overly tired.” However, it is unavoidable for others to be concerned about their wedding plans. She reassured that the wedding will happen, and they are “still in the process of picking a date.”

After their first encounter 10 years ago, Blackie said he was amazed when he met Fan Fan, “Wow! That girl has great temperament. She was the type that I have in my blueprint.” It turned out that his first love experience was anything but good, “I weighed 120 kg at 18, and not very sought after. The urge to love exceeds the imaginable. (I) met someone who was very manly later on, and got mocked by my friends saying (we are) a ‘battle of Center vs. Center’.”

Fan Fan also hasn't been a popular attraction among the opposite sex when she was young. Blackie was the first guy that showed interest in her after she started in showbiz. She sounded as if she was almost thankful, she said, “It should been said as a sigh.” Her first impression of him was being a big guy, very dark, and very straight forward when he asked for her phone number, “That person is interesting. The first time he called me was to ask if I wanted to go get a tattoo together. The second time was when he asked me out to set off fireworks in Bitan. The third time was when we finally got to meet alone for the first time. He said with excitement that he has found ‘our song’, which was a Boyz II Men song. The music started playing, ‘I’ll make love to you, like you want me too’, and turned everything very awkward. His English comprehension wasn't very good. I was really thinking 'was that necessary?' But then I thought, 'that person has such a great sense of humor.' All his different behaviors make me happy from the bottom of my heart.”

Since their song was so direct, many would be curious to know if their “first night” was also the same? Fan Fan tried to hide from the question, but Blackie answered, “she doesn’t like to kiss.” She quickly stopped him from continuing further. Blackie provided the reason “We are Christians” and stressed there would be no premarital sex. Then again, they didn't become Christians until 3 years after they started dating.

Source: AppledailyTW

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