Baron takes a fall

There are rumors of sparks between Baron Chen and Makiyo. Last week, during filming, Makiyo was asked about this scandal. While "There's isn't anything" hung on her lips, she turned red and shy when good friend Xiao S questioned her. However, Baron Chen, whose image has been affected negatively because of this, will be going under review by his management company after promotions for "Because of You," currently airing on CTS.

Baron and Makiyo were said to be a very good match with the attraction between them. Until now, the two would arrange to bump into each other, but kept it very low key. To avoid arousing suspicion, from then on, whenever Makiyo went on shows, she would say that she admired those who were secretly in love with another, dragging out Vincent Liang and Stanley Huang.

From insider's reports, though, Baron's relationship with big chested girl (Xiong Xiong) is still as before. But the love rumors constantly still surround him, making him very frustrated. He reveals that he often chats with reporters, but complains that what they write is never the same as what he spoke of.  However, he's not aware that he is already one of the more interesting "talkers" in the entertainment industry.

Despite being surrounded by scandals, Baron still tried his best for CTS' "Because of You". In the next episode, he will act as a popular celebrity filming a car commercial. For this, he was not only suspended in the air by wires from at least 3 stories high, he also had to face the hot sun. The production team bought an extra NT$2,000,000 worth of insurance for this in case of accidents. They even found a stuntman to carry out the dangerous parts. However, because he was born into a martial arts family in the series, carelessness, on Baron's part, along with having his head filled with the slap he received from Zhao Shu Hai (Mark Chao's father), caused him to carelessly fall down from the incline.

Source: UDN

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